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  • What do you use in your glosses?
    Our glosses are made with cruelty free with ingrediants and are listed under each item.
  • How much is shipping?
    Shipping is a flat rate free shipped through USPS Domestic and International. Although, rates may vary due to quantity of shipment.
  • Do you provide samples?
    Yes!! We do provide free samples sizes of our products with your first order. Samples are randomly picked and can not be requested.
  • How can I purchase through wholesale?
    Versagel is available to purchase directly off the site. However, purchasing tubes with or without color (squeeze/wand tubes) you will need to pick the quantity of tubes and/or color.
  • Do you have discounts?
    Yes! We do provide discounts to our members only. Signup for membership to receive your Boss Queen discount.
  • Will there be more products added soon?
    Yes! Boss Queen is working tirelessly to make them available for you. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 there are many delays. Please bare with us during these trying times.
  • What are your mink lashes made of?
    Our lashes are made with the highest qualityof 100% Siberian Mink fur, which is always cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic. Each pair of lashes have been properly sterilized and sanitized for safe use. The band is made of light-weight cotton for comfortable wear.
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